2 more days for ME…

The day to our freedom is near…Let everyone be prepared for our freedom and holiday…yippee…

Final Exam #1 - Maths

Damn.. last question did mistake !





Design Final Report Dateline

Hey MEs…

Mushtak had said it… Design Final Report dateline is 29th July (Tues after exams) 12pm!!!

Good Luck ppl…

Last Day

Today is our last official study day for this semester.

Everyone please reload your weapons.
Our Final War is arriving in single digit days.

Tomorrow’s engineering fair. please support our Chocolate Fountain xD

Weekends again

Enjoy your last peaceful weekends.

Get armed. 2 weeks more to the Final War.

Tutorials for Thermodynamics

There are 2 tutorials which due this friday and next week… Please do take note.. lolx…


**Applicable only for ME and CE students…

C Project

Anyone started/finished their project?

and.. who’s doing the topic on “creating a program that answer engineering’s question” ?

We gonna have tough time in these 2 weeks.. so many projects..

Thursday’s Post

Do we actually need to pass up our C labsheet by tomorrow?

Monday’s Post

Will Mr. Chow give back paper tomorrow?

And how was ME’s paper today?

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