Wow!! Its been a while since i visited this page.. Pai Seh..

How’s everyone… in UK, in Aust, in Taylor’s..?

Well, semester has started here in Taylor’s after the long long break..

For MEs, we have a new lecturer, Dr Clement Lo. The guys seems to like his cool outlook. But i feel he’s abit snobbish.. hehe… Abdulkareem is teaching us again! Flows with friction.. this time he has improve abit in his teaching..

Looks like we’ll be having a hectic semester with 2 hands-on projects and finals in May… Cant wait to join the rest of u in UK!!

I think we should open up this webpage to all the engineering students.. if not i feel Tzyy and gang’s hard workcreating this will go to waste.. what do u guys think?


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