Hey Guys,

The orientation for the new intake is on 2nd Sept. Our classes starts on the 3rd of Sept.

In the Orientation i will conduct a game called “The Da Vincci Code”. Its only a 30 min game.

I really need help to coordinate the game… Can anyone come on that day? Time is bout 11.30am… i need bout 6 ppl to help, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mnjuqp6P6qFZBgdo_cSP071RMtWP-C_E4N_uZRj9y60/edit#gid=0 currently i only have Phuvan confirmed.. If u can come on tues pls do let me know. Thx alot… :)

I will prepare most of the things needed.. you’ll jz need to help me coordinate the students.

Thank you so much..

May Ann

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