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Facebook Group

Please request to join the group yourselves.
Because I don’t have everyone’s facebook.. yet

Thank you.

Update your details

Guys, please update your details yourself in the Wiki.

If you all are lazy..

Nevermind… MayAnn, Thanks. =p 

Its HerE!!!


Wow guys.. its up & ready.. Thank you so much to the creators, moderators & admin person for this site.

Hope this will become a place for us “0801Bians” to stay connected. So wat DiGi got “my first 11″.. we have 61!!!!

Do frequent this blog and keep it updated.. link your own blogs, frienster, facebook - wateva all u tech savvy ppl are doing - here!!! (DON waste the effort k..) Exam tips, upcoming events, parties, outings, reports, pictures….. hehehe