Good Luck

Exams is coming in no time. 

Good Luck to everyone and we shall meet you in Birmingham, UK next year.

(alright excluding myself)

Looking for a housemate

Currently, we are short of one housemate for our private house with 5 rooms in birmingham. Four of us are male and we are from  year 2 EE.

Info of the private house

Location: Roman Way, Birmingham B15, UK (Close to ME department)

Basic room rental: £220 per month with 1 year contract ( Sep - Sep)

Unlimited electricity, gas, water: £50 per month (optional)

Facilities: 4 normal rooms and 1 master room

                  2 bathrooms without attach to any room

                  kitchen with fridge, washing machine, drying machine,

                  cooking machine, heater, bed with mattress, wardrobe,

                  table, chair and book shelf.

Please contact me, Zeneng if you’re interested. Thank you.

Contact no. : 0123201849


Hellooooo…. (echos…)

Wow!! Its been a while since i visited this page.. Pai Seh..

How’s everyone… in UK, in Aust, in Taylor’s..?

Well, semester has started here in Taylor’s after the long long break..

For MEs, we have a new lecturer, Dr Clement Lo. The guys seems to like his cool outlook. But i feel he’s abit snobbish.. hehe… Abdulkareem is teaching us again! Flows with friction.. this time he has improve abit in his teaching..

Looks like we’ll be having a hectic semester with 2 hands-on projects and finals in May… Cant wait to join the rest of u in UK!!

I think we should open up this webpage to all the engineering students.. if not i feel Tzyy and gang’s hard workcreating this will go to waste.. what do u guys think?


Reporting in from UK

Basically, the university here is big, has a lots of nice buildings, big land and crowded with lots of different religion’s people.

For more photos please proceed to my personal blog.

And where the hell are the new intake’s students?

Take care guys!!!

3 more hour till take off for our engineering mates…

Wish u guys all the best in Birmingham!!! Do keep us, the Malaysia gang, updated..kay..

Gonna miss u guys so much!! We’ll see u guys soon.. get ready to welcome us next year!!

All the best!! Muacks…

3rd September 2008

Happy schooling guys =)


p/s I saw Mr Chow looks…. more mature now xD

Sept Orientation

Hey Guys,

The orientation for the new intake is on 2nd Sept. Our classes starts on the 3rd of Sept.

In the Orientation i will conduct a game called “The Da Vincci Code”. Its only a 30 min game.

I really need help to coordinate the game… Can anyone come on that day? Time is bout 11.30am… i need bout 6 ppl to help, currently i only have Phuvan confirmed.. If u can come on tues pls do let me know. Thx alot… :)

I will prepare most of the things needed.. you’ll jz need to help me coordinate the students.

Thank you so much..

May Ann

Engineering Year 1 Party

Venue: My house ( Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya)
( please get the actual address and map from me thru msn tzyy at )

Time: 26th August 2008, Tuesday, 6pm onwards 
( yes we understand Malaysian very well.. time “set” at 6pm “sharp” )

Party type: BBQ party

Appointed Event Organisers: MayAnn ( ME) , Gun ( EE)

Inviting whole Engineering Members including ME, EE and CE. Seniors and juniors are welcome.

Members’ friends are welcome too, but please tell us how many of you are coming..
( else, eat my maggi mee ) 

any questions or suggestions please leave your comments. 


current attendees:
1) me ( EE )
2) gun ( EE ) 
3) mayann ( ME )
4) sukhpal ( EE ) 
5) omar ( EE )
6) edwin ( ME )
7) jon ( ME )
8 ) wendy ( CE )
9) peng yan ( CE) 
10) gc ( ME )
11) vincent ( EE )
12) phuvan ( EE ) 
13) zEN ( EE ) 
14) mahir ( EE ) 
15) jung way ( ME )
16) kah hoe ( ME )
17) kah hoe’s gf
18) reserved (tzyy’s friend) 
19) reserved (tzyy’s friend) 
20) reserved (tzyy’s friend) 
21) reserved (tzyy’s friend)  

if your name is left out, please tell me . post will be updated every 6 hours . 

Target:  try to make it 40 30 people, spread this event news please .

FareWell p@rTy

Hey guys…

Tzyy has been very kind to propose to organise a farewell party for those leaving to overseas soon.

We need to know when u’ll be around Selangor so we can set the date of the party… or when would u prefer it to be on or when u’ll not be around..

Pls reply to this post telling your prefered time ok…

Enjoy your holidays ppl…!!!

p/s anyone know when is the results coming out?


3 MONTHS HOLIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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